Living Your Own Version of Motherhood, with Anjelica Malone (TGMS30)

Have you ever met someone and immediately connected? That’s how it was with me and Anjelica Malone. She started listening to the podcast after the first couple of episodes last summer, and soon she was sending me voicemails (using the tool on the right side of this page) to tell me about what she liked about the show, what she learned, and who she was. We ended up communicating back and forth, and I came to learn that she has her own blog, website, shoppe, and global motherhood story. Since then, we’ve started chatting on Voxer and we’ve been tossing around ideas for ways to collaborate. In this episode, I got to ask Anjelica some questions about her background as a third culture kid, military kid, global nomad, and mom.

Anjelica currently lives on Guam, but is moving back to the US in a few weeks. She’s a mom of two little girls, and she and I talk a lot about developing our own version of motherhood, one that allows us to be ourselves and not get sucked in to the waves of culture all around us. Anjelica is also a lactation consultant with a new book coming out soon. (Read about it here.)

In this week’s episode we talk about Anjelica’s background, her philosophy on motherhood, how she met her husband, how materialism affects us, how we understand our place as third culture kids and adults, how she sources items for her shoppe, and so much more. We talked so much we had to continue the conversation in a couple of bonus episodes!

Here’s a picture of one of the tote bags that Anjelica designed and now has made in Guatemala.

Anjelica Malone

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FEATURED RESOURCE: My featured resource this week is for all you mamas planning adventures with your little ones. If you need trip planning ideas, packing tips, or any of the nitty gritty details about taking a long overseas trip with kids, Stephanie Langford is your girl. A homeschooling mom of five, a serial entrepreneur, blogger, and round-the-world traveler, Stephanie is an expert at how to get your family moving around the globe. Check out her website or her Instagram account for lots of photos and tips!


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Thanks for listening today, Have a great week, and remember, you can live a global life wherever you are, and teach your kids to do the same.

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