We are moms. We LOVE learning, traveling, and serving. We care about our community and the world. We want our kids to share our love for global friendship, connections, and adventures.

The Global Mom Show

What is a Global Mom?

A global mom loves to learn about other cultures, connect with the world around her, and live in a way that respects the diversity and uniqueness of people and cultures across the globe. 

What is TGMS?

The Global Mom Show (TGMS) is the podcast for moms with global worldviews. The weekly show encourages you to live a globally-minded life wherever you are and teach your kids to do the same. LISTEN.

Who is the host?

Mary Grace Otis is a freelance writer who has studied, worked, and traveled abroad. She is the mom of three boys ages six and under, and she longs to give them the gift of a globally-minded life. 

“I want to live my life in a way that respects the world, its people, cultures, and resources, and teach my kids to do the same.”

–Mary Grace Otis, Host of The Global Mom Show